Which states pay the most for administrative assistants?

Paula Pipitone

February 24, 2023

Paula Pipitone

Administrative assistants salaries vary greatly by state and city. These salaries can be affected by factors such as the cost of living, job availability, and employer experience levels. If you’re looking to make more money as an administrative assistant, there are a few things you can do to increase your income potential. One of the most effective methods is to change jobs.


While all states pay different amounts for administrative assistants, California pays the most for medical administrative assistants. These professionals work in urgent care centers, ambulatory surgery centers, and other outpatient healthcare facilities.

Moreover, they may be employed by large allied healthcare systems that are able to apply economies of scale to their operating costs, which can boost their salaries. Furthermore, they often have the opportunity to earn extra money by working evening and swing shifts.

In addition, medical administrative assistants can increase their take-home pay by gaining experience in a specific healthcare specialty. This can help them become experts in a particular niche, which can then lead to increased wages when they transition to a new employer that hires staff with the same skill set.

In addition, they must be familiar with the paperwork and procedures that are unique to each healthcare specialty. This makes them an invaluable asset to a physician practice, which is why many of these professionals find jobs within their preferred healthcare specialty.

New York

New York pays the highest average salary for administrative assistants in the country. These professionals often work in healthcare and social assistance, but they also work in retail, finance, insurance, and other industries.

In 2021, administrative assistants in New York earned a median salary of $37,880. The top-paid 25 percent of these professionals made $48,860 that year, while the bottom-paid 25 percent earned $30,210.

Administrative assistants can increase their salaries through a variety of different methods, including gaining experience and changing employers. They can also earn more by earning advanced degrees or managing other administrative assistants within their organization.

New Jersey

If you’re interested in an administrative assistant job, it may be worth considering which states pay the most for this career. For example, New Jersey pays an average salary of $46,210 a year, which is more than the national average of $38,271.

In order to find the best possible compensation for your skills and experience, it’s a good idea to do your research. ZipRecruiter offers a comprehensive salary comparison tool that allows you to compare the annual earnings of various administrative assistant jobs in your area.

Among the top 10 highest-paying cities for this job are Atlantic City, Clifton, and Trenton. These three cities all pay well above the New Jersey average of $36,837.


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Administrative assistants in the medical field provide the clerical support that facilitates the clinical care that physicians and other healthcare professionals furnish to patients. Their responsibilities include greeting patients, answering telephones, scheduling appointments, and updating patient records.